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Solvay Russian mining company plans 40MEUR investment in Macedonia copper ore mine Pehcevo

In the research exploration works of copper ore in the municipality of Pehcevo, which began in 2010, the Russian mining company “Solvay” invested over EUR 4,000,000.

After receiving the permission for mining of copper and after signing a contract for concession between the Ministry of Economy and the company “Kadiica metal” a new investment of around EUR 40 million was announced in the next period for opening the mine “Solvej”.

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Professionals from “Solvay” explain that the cathode copper from the mine near Pehcevo will be obtained by ‘leaching’ – a technological process similar to that applied in the Radovis mine ‘Bucim’, and will be applied in the mine ‘Kazan Dol’ in Valandovo. That means, they explain, that the whole area will be protected from the environmental aspect.

– In the opening of the mine we look into a great opportunity for economic development of Pehcevo because EUR 500 to EUR 700 thousand will flow in the budget from the concession fee. Many of the 600 registered unemployed persons, of which 400 are actively seeking for work will get a chance for employment, the Mayor of Pehcevo Igor Popovski says

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