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About Us


Mining Europe News, MiningWatch , is the upgraded platform of the successful project MiningWatchSEE. MiningWatchSEE introduced in the focus region of the South Europe the balanced approach of environment friendly & responsible mining.

MiningWatch serves as an information hub & relay platform for natural resources industries, primarily focused on Mining Exploration and Environment Impacts of Mining, covering primarily Europe and Eurasia.

MiningWatch aims to support the promotion of the Mining industry which is one of the key pillars of national economies in South & East Europe countries, all having sustainable mining industries. Level of transparency of mining information in most of the SEE countries is at the lower level compared with developed mining economies. We will try to change the current status and increase the level of transparency by
monitoring and reporting, while promoting the sustainable environment friendly and responsible mining.

MiningWatch will monitor and report on all environmental aspects of natural resources projects in focus countries.

MiningWatch aims to communicate with all mining & natural resources industry participants. Investors, developers, medias, IFIs, Environment NGOs and networks. MiningWatch work is supported by mining focused NGOs and consultancies. Our work is supported by various donors from both end of the mining industry, as we are perceived as a third party independent and verified source.

Our mission is to become a premier environment mining source for South East Europe mining industry with full acknowledgment of all news sources.

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