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Mining industry development concept worked out in Armenia

In compliance with the Armenian prime minister’s order, the ministry of energy infrastructures and natural resources has worked out a concept of development of the country’s mining industry, the press office of the ministry reported on Friday.

Shushanik Kerobyan, the chief of the geology, normative methodology and analyses division of the agency on earth entrails the major problems hobbling development of the mining industry are presented in the concept.

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The lack of a comprehensive policy and strategy as well as investments and state geological studies in the industry are presented in the concept along with other problems.

The concept proposes to work out a strategy of development of the mining industry with attracting concerned ministries, civil society organizations, potential investors, beneficiary communities, representatives of international organizations, donors etc.

The studies conducted in different periods, surveys and round-table discussion are needed for outlining the strategy. International experience should be taken into consideration as well.

source: arka.am

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